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Empties | January

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Estee Lauder Double wear foundation | Revlon Colour stay foundation | Freedom eye brow pomade | Maxfactor blush | Sleek highligh palette | Benefit They're real mascara | Ted Baker Mascara 

This past year I have been trying to use up my make-up before re-purchasing, or trying something new. Just a disclaimer I did photograph these before I used them up and really helped to motivate me away from mindless make-up shopping! 

I've got so many little blushes, and eye palette, and also for some reason lots of eye brow products so this gives me a chance to give them a chance to really be put to the test. There been a few that have been just really bad so I did throw them away. I think sometimes products just aren't worth the hype! 

Out of the above I will / have already re-purchased Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. This seems to be the only foundation I've really fallen in love with, it's just perfect. I tried to get the Freedom brow pomade but sadly I couldn't find the brand anymore in my local Superdrug.

I think I want to do a 'eye palette cull' so keep any eye out for that!

I just felt like they needed a share! 

Thanks for reading, 


Distance Study - What it's really like

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

This is one of my first posts around studying so I just want to give you some back ground on me. 

I failed my A-Levels, then took a couple of months out and worked all the hours the Bistro would give me. I then passed with flying colours a make-up BTEC. (best time of my life) I then applied for an office job, that was in 2014 and I'm still in one now. 

Smashbox lipsticks

Saturday, January 18, 2020

I'll be honest, these aren't new and I didn't buy them. I got given these are a Christmas present from my boyfriend and my best friend helped him pick them. It's a very cute story and I'm very grateful! You will find at least one of these in my hand bag on the daily, they're just so easy to carry round due to the small size of them!

Money | Is it everything?

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I went to my nan and granddads last night, as I do every Tuesday for tea, prior to the lovely roast dinner was had, we were sat on their new sofa which they openly told me was around £3,000. My nan just booked a cruise with my mum.. and my brother pipes up that he's off to view a flat tomorrow to buy. 

I am happy for them all, but I couldn't help but feel as that I was sat on the sofa, £18 in my bank and email to say our rent didn't go through this month that I'm not doing as well as them. The rent was paid but that represents how bad I feel life is going.   

My nan and granddad worked hard for what they have, and my brother has lived with my nan for the last 4 - 5 years to save up for a house, so they do deserve what they have worked for. I am so happy for them, my brother called earlier to say he's applying for a mortgage and I'm over the moon for him! He's like me I think, he feels a bit 'homeless' as neither of us were really made to feel welcome in our family home. 

I don't want this to come across that I'm not happy for them, or that I'm bitter it's just such a weird feeling when you feel like you're failing! 

It's a bit of a odd one, I've worked since I was 17, moved out and lived in a number of places and now I'm here, in debt, working part time so barely touching what I owe, and I am studying to better myself. I am kind of writing this post to pep talk myself out of the misery I am feeling.

Everyone does things at different stages of their life, and does meaning you've bought someone make you happier? does it mean you're further ahead in life? dos having more money make you a better person? I don't think it does...

I could easily say that I don't want to travel, I don't want a set of drawers in my house or I don't want to buy a home, but I want all those things. My life end-goal is to have my own home, I hate that I moved around so much, I hate the lack of security I feel. It may sounds sad that it's all I want out of life, but it is. 

I want somewhere to be feel safe, warm and secure. I literally am struggling with petrol money to get to work. 

I have to think long term, once I've got my law degree I hopefully can nail down a training contract and be on my way to financial security but it is a long time away and I find that hard to cope with. 

Does anyone relate to this? 

I know I have to be patient because everything happens at different time but damn, I am ready for a bit of security in my life.